Our Instructors

All instructors at Pilates J are fully qualified and are members of nationally recognised training organisations. Pilates J owner and director - Julie Hills - invites you to join her friendly team.

Clients work on their own body challenges, at their own pace, under the care of one of our trained instructors. 

Yoga Instructor, 32

Julie Hills

Founder and Director of Pilates J

Julie Hills - APMA Pilates Professional Practitioner, Movement Based Somatic Therapist.

PilatesJ is the studio Julie opened in Cambridge, Hobart in 2010 after completing her 2 year Pilates Instructor training with APMA, Australian Pilates Method Association and working for a further year at her training studio.  Since then Julie has upgraded her qualification to Diploma and completed the hours required to become a Professional Pilates Practitioner. Working with and experiencing clients during this time, Julie witnessed how movement is so influenced by the mind and feelings of the mover. This inspired Julie to undertake a further 2 year course of study, Graduate Certificate of Movement Based Somatic Therapy with Tensegrity Training graduating in 2014.

Julie's background in Ballet with the Royal Academy of Dancing and work as a Medical Scientist, informs her fascination with the art and science of the moving body. Julie continues to study and share somatic movement practices, offering Movement Exploration Workshops and private therapy sessions at PilatesJ. 

In her personal life, Julie is supported by the joy of dance, both Tango and Tahitian and loves to move through and rest in the Tasmanian wilderness. Her longest walk is 20 days around the Annapurna circuit in Nepal.

Julie is passionate about helping clients discover, feel and understand movement within their bodies and supporting Pilates Instructors who share this passion.


Pilates Instructor

Jackie rediscovered Pilates after experiencing chronic back pain for a number of years and found that regular practice relieved her symptoms and improved spinal alignment and posture. 

Jackie completed her Certificate of Pilates in 2015 and continued with her studies to complete her Diploma in Pilates in 2017 with Tensegrity Training. 

She brings a wealth of experience to her work as a Pilates instructor from her many years teaching yoga and her background in dance and somatic yoga.

Jackie loves spending time in the outdoors and connecting with the natural world. 

Jackie is delighted to be teaching and sharing her skills at Pilates J.


Pilates Instructor

Lindsay has been a Pilates instructor with PilatesJ for over two years and enjoys working with the diverse group of clients and instructors within the studio. Lindsay is passionate about bringing modern, energetic and quality Pilates instruction to people of all abilities so they can improve their posture, strength and achieve personal fitness goals. Lindsay started taking Pilates classes as a way to improve her posture and loved it so much that she completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates in Sydney and has been teaching in Hobart for the past five years. Originally from Canada, Lindsay now lives on the Eastern Shore with her young family. Beyond Pilates, Lindsay enjoys mountain biking, spending time at our many beautiful beaches, playing the ukulele and discovering Tasmania and beyond.


Pilates Instructor

Helen started Pilates, to improve her posture, in 2003. Soon ‘hooked’, Helen followed quickly with basic reformer and mat training in 2004/5.  Helen then completed APMA Level 2 Pilates course in early 2011. She has since upgraded this qualification to a Diploma.

Helen met Julie, an instructor/mentor in 2010. Helen found Julie’s classes fun, challenging and always instructive.  Helen loves teaching at PilatesJ – the clients are so positive, welcoming, and benefit greatly from classes and studio sessions.

Helen also graduated with a Diploma in Remedial Massage from Island Health College in 2011.  She firmly believes in the complementary value of massage and Pilates – they go together so well!

Apart from Pilates, massaging, teaching at Island Health College, Helen manages to squeeze in an overseas trip or two each year, and looks forward to being a grandmother soon.  

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