Class Timetable & Fees

Group Floor Class Timetable
All classes are by prior arrangement


9.30 am

5.15 pm


5.30 pm 


9.30 am

5.30 pm


9.00 am


Studio Equipment Sessions
All Studio Equipment Sessions are by prior arrangement

Group Studio Equipment Sessions are for a maximum of 3 clients only.

Private sessions are available.

Both Group and Private Studio Equipment Sessions
are by appointment at a time that suits you.

PilatesJ Fees

All classes are by prior arrangement only
Pilates J Studio

Studio Equipment Sessions

Initial Private Consultation

(90 min)                                       $145

Initial Private Consult &               $325

5 small group sessions      (save $25)

Small Group Studio - 3 clients

10 sessions                                 $390

5 Sessions                                   $210

Individual Studio (private - 60 min)

 10 Sessions                                 $825

 5 Sessions                                   $425

 Single Session                              $90


All Studio Sessions are

by Appointment Only

(Fees include GST)

Pilates J Studio

Group Floor Classes

Beginners Private Class              $90


Term Blocks

10  Weekly Classes                    $200

10 twice Weekly Classes            $360

Single Casual Class                     $22

All Group Floor Classes at PilatesJ
are for 60 minutes with a maximum
of 8 Pilates beginners or enthusiasts per class.


Bookings are essential

for all classes

(Fees include GST)