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“Incredible and highly professional instructors, fabulous and unique equipment, very welcoming environment and individualised, personalised attention - Pilates J has everything you need to improve your balance, posture, mental and physical health and well-being.  You will leave every session feeling stronger, more flexible and overall far more healthier.” - Jacquie
“I've been attending Pilates J for a few years now and although I'm not the youngest or fittest client, I have found the sessions to be enormously helpful. The high level of training and individual attention by the instructors has helped me regain and maintain flexibility, equipping me for the years to come.” - Karyn
“Pilates J is a well equipped and welcoming studio in beautiful surrounds. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, small group classes so you receive a personal experience tailored to suit your body. Flexible programming that helps resolve any sore or tight spots so you leave your class feeling a million dollars.“ - Natalie

“Since starting Pilates several years ago I've noticed how the Floor and Studio Sessions seem to "put me back together" I always leave feeling taller, straighter, stronger and better aligned. All the instructors have their own style and each of them is excellent.” - Meredith

"I came to Pilates J about four years ago after knee surgery. After 10 sessions in the studio my leg was strong and very usable again. I was then ready for something more active but didn’t want to go back to sweaty gym classes. I joined the Pilates floor classes. I had a lot to learn, there is a science to Pilates and it is accurate and slow and the techniques need to be learned. In the classes which are small the instructor provides individual attention both verbally and physically to ensure you are moving correctly. I progressed well under expert tuition and started to really enjoy myself. I then progressed to twice weekly classes. There are a variety of teachers at Pilates J and each teacher provides different moves keeping the classes interesting and above all challenging, there are many moves I am yet to accomplish. 

I have frequently cared for my newborn granddaughter, now 4, and Pilates has helped me immensely. At the beach I need to be able to get from sitting in the sand to standing, sometimes quite quickly, to assist a small person, Pilates has enabled me to do this. A crowning moment was when I was at a school fair and had to get into the playground quickly as I lost sight of my granddaughter. I had to step up to about a half meter wall into the playground. I did this in one leap hands free. The look on the young mans face next to me said it all, he was getting ready to help! I was 70. That is Pilates for you, strong legs and good balance. 

Over the 4 years I have been at Pilates life has thrown its challenges at me and Pilates has meant more than exercise, it is a support group and a safe harbour. An escape if you like, your own space where you can recharge. Julie has followed our many family trajectories with concern and interest, a valued friendship. I have attended 4 Christmas parties with my Pilates family, an event not to be missed, a great group of people. And of course the gardens. Pilates on the lawn is just great in the summer. Pilates forever really, it is a form of health insurance. Thanks to Julie and all the instructors." - Anne

"I joined Pilates J in 2019 with the goal of improving strength and balance to help manage the effects of arthritis. With both hips replaced years ago and knee and ankle joints starting to deteriorate I wanted to postpone further surgery (indefinitely if I could). I was impressed with the thorough initial assessment and the program developed, and since then I’ve attended regularly and come to feel part of the family. The studio is well equipped and spotlessly clean, instructors are skilled and friendly, administration is efficient, and most importantly, Pilates J has contributed to keeping my arthritis stable, and motivated me to keep moving, strong and fit." - Mary
"During my Studio Sessions, the knowledge, care and motivation communicated by the Pilates J team has been fabulous. Each week they tailor the sessions to my specific goals and needs, whilst making each session varied and interesting."  
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