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Conscious Touch Therapy, Somatics and Workshops

Pilates J Studio

In small groups, Somatic Movement Exploration Classes offer experiential learnings of embodiment and rest through guided or intuitive movement.

These classes are movement explorations, exploring how movement developed and develops within us.

Participants are discovering movement with breath, touch, sound, imagination and developmental patterns of moving and being.


We learn to support ourselves with awareness toward a felt sense of our inner selves giving us a greater capacity to meet with the world and others.

Private Somatic Movement Exploration Sessions are available also.

Somatic Movement Exploration Classes 
Conscious Touch Therapy Private Session

Conscious Touch Therapy offers a silent hour of gentle touch allowing for the conscious experience of a deeply relaxed state.

This deep state of relaxation promotes breathing fully and the release of tensions throughout your organs, tissues and muscle systems.

It is a unique opportunity to encourage the intelligence of your body's own natural healing and promotes deeper sleep from a restful sense of self.

Pilates J Specialised Classes 

We offer a variety of specialised classes by arrangement, as private sessions and as occasional workshops. 

Painting on Canvas

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Foot Fitness Classes 

Our feet are the foundation of our body and you will feel the high impact of this class from head to toe.

Foot Fitness Classes focus on foot flexibility, foot alignment and foot strength using special props.

Come along to get to know, understand and feel how our feet support us.


Private Sessions are available also.

Whole Body Ball Rolling Classes 

Using specialised balls this class offers an approach to complete muscle release and feels like a long massage for your whole body.

Rolling your whole body this way stimulates bones and tendons, fascia and tissues, increasing blood circulation and creating space throughout the body as muscles are elongated and tensions released.

Private Sessions are available also.

Private Somatic Therapy

Private Somatic Therapy Sessions further investigate our sensing of self through breath, sound, touch and guided or intuitive movement as therapy. 

There is an experience of being met and supported as our minds and bodies express themselves in the moment.

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